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For example, the 2nd house shows food and it is a basic ingredient for the sustenance of self 1st. The 5th house shows intelligence and it is a basic ingredient for the sustenance of learning 4th. Argala from the 4th house shows the basic factor that drives the mood, state and progress of a matter. For example, the 4th house shows comfort and it drives the mood and state of self 1st. Argala from the 11th house shows the catalyst that can result in gains for a matter. For example, the 2nd house shows character, grooming and samskara and it is a catalyst in the process of learning 4th.

Secondary argala from the 5th house shows the additional contributing factors. For example, the 5th house shows emotional situation and that contributes to the state of self 1st. Learning Astrology Indian Vedic Astrology. Create account or Sign in.

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Using the above guidelines, we can understand the meaning of argalas on houses and karakas. Unless otherwise stated, the content of this page is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3. Click here to edit contents of this page. Click here to toggle editing of individual sections of the page if possible. The Argala by benefics will give various kinds of happiness, while benefic effects will be meddling with malefic Argalas. Argala by both benefics and malefics will yield results. Maharishis say, that the Argala, caused by one Grah, will yield limited effect, by two mediums and by more than two, excellent effects.

Argalas should be counted from a Rasi, or a Graha, as the case may be. The Argala, which is unobstructed, will be fruitful, while the one duly obstructed will go astray. The Argala effects will be derived in the Dasa periods of the Rasi, or Graha concerned. The past always obstructs, the future, which is yet to be. So, 5th house gives argala, the 9th obstructs it. The 8th house gives Argala to lagna, and the 6th house obstructs it.

Classification of Argala rgala can mainly be classified into: A. Various terms for Argala: 1. Shubh Argala 2. Ashubh Argala or Papa Argala. Virodha Argala. Vipreeta Argala. The topic itself is very detailed but I have given you most of the outlines here. Gradually apply the rules and see a few charts to understand how a planet giving Argala will alter the other results. Best Wishes, Kanupriya. It'll help you to understand the concept.. Could You please explain the principles of Argala to me? Argala can be of two types viz.

UPSJ: 1. Let us say Ketu is in Libra. When we find argalas on Cancer, Libra and Ketu cause argala being in the 4th from Cancer. This is the way I understood it and possibly it is wrong. Argala means planetary or sign intervention and they are caused on signs and planets alike. As regards Ketu, the reckoning is always in the reverse. Thus, for example, my AL is Sagittarius and has Ketu in it. Thus for Ketu the 2nd, 4th and 11th counted in the reverse is Scorpio, Virgo and Aquarius that cause Argala.

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The planets in these signs also cause Argala on Ketu. Thus the presence of Saturn in the 2nd, Sun in the 8th and Ketu in AL causes Kemadruma Poverty Yoga which has resulted in taking up a service which can never make the two ends meet!!

I guess all honest Govt. Fortunately, the Mokshkaraka Ketu has Subha Argala in the 11th in Aquarius and due to my Ketu related activities I have received gifts and donations to improve my lot. We should also see the aspect of Aquarius on the A4 in Libra for this not ignoring its Argala on the 4th house as well. Moon aspected by Venus can be a Dhana Yoga. What does that mean that malefic s in 3rd cause Argala themselves simultaneously?

What is the secondary level Argala?

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What is the difference between primary and secondary Argala? Verses , Santhanam's translation, it is said: "As the nodes have retrograde motions, the Argalas and obstructions be also counted accordingly in a reverse manner. Later in the notes on the same verse he is giving an example where he is counting in reverse order to reckon the Argala of Rahu which confirms the above verse from BPHS.

Also there is very important rule about Argala in the verse 10 of ch Similarly 2nd quarter's Argala is eliminated by the 3rd quarter placement.

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Likewise while the Argala planet is in the 2nd quarter of the sign i. Thus, the gain is initially denied and the native fights for it and gains it at a later stage. I have already explained earlier that the reverse counting is for Ketu ONLY and not for Rahu as along with the other planets Rahu is the cause of rebirth and the fruits. Hence Ketu's Argala is in the reverse as it indicates the planets favouring or disfavouring the attaining of Moksha.

Thus, the Moon in the 3rd from the AL shows the nature of death and this is unobstructed. Moon is also in the 11th from Ketu counted in the reverse direction and helps in the gain of the objective of Moksha and this Argala is unobstructed. Thus on the one hand the Moon gives death, and on the other it aids Moksha which can be achieved, in the real sense after death. I hope with this example it is amply clear that the reverse count is only for Ketu because it is the Moksha karaka. This is a convenient example with Ketu in the arudha lagna.

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This is not always true. So Moon gives death and helps in the gain of the objective of Moksha" and present a case for forward counting for Ketu also. No, I am not questioning "vipareetam ketoh" exception. However, I still cannot see any logic behind this. I am referring to the concluding remark quoted above. I still can't see the relation between reverse counting for Ketu and Ketu being Moksha karaka. I am not satisfied by the explanation you gave and will wait for more explanation later.

The same number of planets occupied in each house now is the obstruction removed or not removed. How does it conclude? Does any remedy to remove the obstruction? Please clarify with need example. Have any rules to cancel " The Karaka bhava nasa"? If the Argala and its obstruction are equally strong, it constitutes a bandhana Yoga Bondage. If malefics alone are involved, and if this is in the or houses, then this can cause actual physical bondage like kidnapping or jail.

Rahu and Saturn involved gives being beaten with chains or other forms of torture while Gulika afflicting shows the use of poisonous substances. This world can be very evil for some people depending on their karma. That is why I always look for natural benefics in these places.

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I don't think I understand argala. What is a good argala and what is bad argala.

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Does it depend on the planet causing the argala. Think of this question: What is a good aspect and what is a bad aspect? Argalas by malefics are bad and argalas by benefics are good. Let me give an example. Lagna in D shows one's true nature when moving in society i.

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  • Let us take the argalas on lagna. Sun casts an argala and so do Mercury and Saturn. What are the results? Mercury's argala shows that he may be intellectual in nature. Saturn's argala on lagna can make him humble. Sun's argala may make him forceful and authoritative. How can one be humble and authoritative? Well, you can see both these qualities in him depending on dasa and transit influences.