Friendly stars in astrology

It soon leads to love.

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They are fun to be with and enjoy life. Passion is great, they are playful, their sensuality warms you, and their sense of fun keeps you stimulated. They tend to keep an emotional distance. You will take this as a challenge and try to break down their barriers. You should be understanding about their sense of loneliness. Your love can be unconventional and special. Ashwini and Shravana : You could easily think that Shravana are serious workaholics with no time for love or emotions.

The twinkle in their eyes, their sense of humour and their sensitivity leads you to believe there is more to their personality. They enjoy sex and will be innovative lovers. You could easily fall in love.

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Try not to make sex an issue of your many fights. It will be frustrating, as both of you love sex and lots of it. They are not possessive and they do not expect commitment from you if you do not want to give it willingly. That sums up the relationship between Shatabhishak and you. There is usually a past issue that bothers you, either in your own life or in Shatabhishaks.

Vedic Astrology - The Nakshatra: Rohini

Shatabhishak are unable to empathize with your emotions or be open about their own. But soon you will be desperate to escape. When they desire sex, they will be strongly passionate and then they will go away into their own world, not bothering or caring for you. The dreamer also turns out to be an arrogant lion on closer inspection.

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As a lover they will be generous and loving, and enjoy long, sensual lovemaking. Their love will be committed, steady and unconditional and you can find yourself reeled in. Their love makes you feel strong and powerful. They understand you. Their attitude to sex can be frustrating; they usually want love and not sex. You even commit to them as you feel that Revati inspire your protective instincts. Bharani and Ashwini : Your best relationship: dynamic, vital and adventurous.

You can soothe their fears of rejection and lack of love. They in turn will love, protect and spoil you. You know how to keep the adventurous Ashwini tethered to your side for ever. Remember not to be too possessive Ashwini need their sense of freedom. You will feel secure in their need for you. Too much self-indulgence can make you waste your energies and allow this relationship to get bogged down.

They are needy for relationships but will never admit it. You may need to seduce them into being exciting and passionate lovers. They will be warm, loving, supportive and ready to commit.

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  8. But if you make a fool of them or laugh at their insecurities, they can be extremely destructive. Give them love, romance and fantasy. Do not go into a relationship with Rohini lightly. They are possessive and may not let you go easily. Jealousy and possessiveness will be the main problems. While you may be willing to be possessed, Robini like to keep their freedom.

    The fire can burn out too quickly; you can be left with the burnt ashes of your spent passions and a relationship where there is nothing else to bind you. Then you may be introduced to another side of Mrigasira critical, analytical and sharp. You touch their emotions in a way few people can. You find them witty, charming and exciting. If you want your Ardra lover to remain faithful, you will need to let them know the sexual boundaries very clearly. Let your Punarvasu lover know that you need a lover, not a guru.

    They have many admirers. Tell them you hate to share and they will respect your wishes.

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    Punarvasu are forever searching for new horizons and this keeps you interested in them and on your toes. You hardly every get bored or lazy around them. They balance you sensuality, indulgences and. But it is not something you recognize instantly. Their quiet strength has a strange attraction for you and their will-hidden sense of humour and playfulness keep you firmly at their side. You love the feline sensuality of Ashlesha, their cutting humour and worldly wise cynicism.

    You must learn to love them for what they are. Try to change as Ashlesha, they will soon move away. While they present a successful persona to the world, you find them insecure and full of doubts. Your sexual confidence will make them unsure.

    Basic information about Hasta

    To cover up their own vulnerabilities they can reject you. You enjoy a light flirtation with Purva Phalguni but soon realize how similar you are the mystique of having a relationship with them is not there.

    Pluto In Chitra Nakshatra

    Your sexual needs are different. They need plenty of sex whereas you want sex to be a pleasurable journey full of sensuous delight. They can be boring and stand lovers, but there are enough compensations. Anyway, you know how to spice up your love life. Both of you can be very stubborn. You should learn to give in now and then. They will love you without a accepting anything in return. Be careful how you treat them.

    Hasta are insecure within. They constantly need your approval. They live unconventional lives with a yearning to be conventional. Their insecurity makes them jealous and possessive.

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    Chitra are exotic, adventurous, and sensuous. This can lead to an exciting, on-the-edge experience.