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However, your birth mewa actually advises you to set up a shrine to a Dharma Protector and engage in the practice. The best blessings and protection that we can get is from an enlightened Dharma protector such as Dorje Shugden. He is very compassionate and selfless, thus we can fully rely on him.

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You can go to this article to learn more about Dorje Shugden practice. I think it is more important for us to develop good qualities in us to create the cause to attract the right person. I hope this will help you. Reply cholden khandu on May 4, at pm i thought i was a rooster as my parents said as per my date of birth but the calculater states i am a monkey! Therefore, you are born in the year of Monkey. Thank you. Reply Paulie on Apr 26, at am Dear Master chin tan. I know that will have a price and I will be happy to pay the cost of something that is so important.

Thank you for to read my question and I hope that you can help me. However, feel free to use these free service to get instant result and guidance.

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All of us would love to know who our future partner is and where to find them. But instead of focusing on that, it makes more sense to first develop the good qualities in us. When we have developed good qualities in us, we create the cause to attract the right person into our lives, and when we do meet that special someone, we are ready and are our best to start a life with them. What is that in Bhutan that kids below 8 years old are not allowed to burn?

Reply Wangmo on Feb 4, at pm Hi, I would like to know about my future more. Subramanian on Jan 29, at am Very interesting. Thanks How to worship my Mewa Chebrezig?? Prayer Note: This short prayer can be recited daily on its own or as part of a longer set of prayers.

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White in colour, untarnished by faults, Amitabha Buddha embellishing the crown of your head, You look upon living beings with overwhelming compassion, To Chenrezig I humbly bow down. You can choose from and print out more Four-Armed Chenrezig pictures in the links below for free, high resolution:. Good luck in your practice! Good afternoon! How do we get image of Buddha Manjushri and Buddha Namgyalma?

Kindly, advise us. Manjushri with Protector Dorje Shugden, who is also an emanation of Manjushri 2. Namgyalma 1 3. Namgyalma 2.


However, you have to be cautious if you have dreams of snakes. Here is another chart of me. Hi Danny, We do not have expert in vedic chart here unfortunately. However, for increase of ike material resources, wealth, health, influence and removes obstacles and all forms of negativity, we rely on Bhagawan Dorje Shugden. I spent many decades in Babylonian astrology ,which has many holes in it ,and is an imperfect system.

How authentic is this? Or is that metaphorical only? Thank you for your very interesting questions. This may answer your questions, but I will try to elucidate further in this reply. In regards to the Mewa system of Tibetan astrology presented here, yes, if you were to go to a Tibetan astrologist, the answers would be the same. However, as you may already know, Tibetan astrology is more complicated than just the Mewa system, which is presented in the article I shared with you above. This would be known as the Kar-Tsi system of Tibetan Buddhism.

In general Tibetan astrology has three distinct influences: Vedic or Indian astrology known as Kar-tsi or white astrology ; Chinese astrology known as Nag-tsi or black astrology ; and the Kalachakra Tantra.

As such there are many systems, which can be viewed separately like on this website we only show the Mewa system , or viewed altogether. In regards to being a serpent in your previous life, this is supposed to be taken as literally, but it is not necessarily the case that this was your immediate previous life. Though most certainly, according to the system, it would have been one your closer previous lives. The karma accrued in that lifetime has a major impact in this life. If you are a Buddhist, you will already have a concept of cyclic rebirth, which means that we have actually had countless previous lives, and is intrinsically linked to the law of karma.

Therefore, even though it may sound strange to some people, it is not odd that certain systems of astrology predicted what you were in previous lifetimes, and what you will be in your future lifetimes, based on karma at the time of birth. But what we always need to remember is that karma is not static, it is fluid, therefore if we decide to something and change our karma, our fate automatically changes. That is one of the goals of Buddhist practice.

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In the short term, we transform our lives to have less suffering this includes our future rebirths , and in the long term we achieve complete enlightenment. I hope this answers your questions.

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  • Thank you for your enquiries. To actually find out the answer to your question, all you need to do is to insert your Birth date into the Mewa Calculator above. I did exactly that and this is what it says:. I hope this helps. Best of luck! It has been more than three years since i graduated from college.

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    Most of my friends have landed with good jobs but i am struggling with my work. I feel insecure with my current job because it is on contract. I feel that i am not fortunate enough to get a good job like my friends do. Most of my friends have got married with beautiful babies and here i am without any man beside me. People keep on asking when i will get married. Since i am still on search of proper job i do not feel ready to get married.

    I do not know what to do with my life. What should i do? Please help. If you have not checked your Mewa number, this is a brief of what your Mewa number suggested: Mewa 9: The Mirror of Prosperity Born with The Mirror of Prosperity as your birth Mewa, you are typically sensitive and emotional but also an extrovert. You often have a very good life but place a lot of emphasis on external beauty.

    The suggested practice for mewa number 9 in Manjushri. If you do the practice daily, you should be able to work through your current situation. Manjushri is the Buddha of Wisdom and you can be assured that His practice will guide you in areas you specifically need. Both are equally effective.